Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sukhothai Historical Park

Getting inside the park proved some difficulty for us. At first we tried the bicycle option: Rena was an excellent student, but somehow the bicycle refused to be tamed and she stuck to her motto "I do heels, not wheels!". Attempt 2: Tom, the motorcycle and the 30 seconds drive which brought us back to point one. We then gathered our senses and said:" five star or no star" and hopped on a tuk-tuk which ferried us around the park for the afternoon.

Beautiful but over-gardened, the remains were moving and the ride comfortable.

Deep Fried Bananas

Our favorite lady vendor in all Bangkok makes the most delicious fried bananas we have had. Her stall was dangerously situated around the corner from our guesthouse (Samsen Road Soi 1, Bangkok, for those of you in the area). We think her secret lies in the sesame seeds added to the batter. Wanna know how to make it? Visit our food blog The Royal Kitchen.

Villa Guesthouse, Bangkok

We stayed in a lovely old Thai house in Bangkok run by an old lady and her brother. A dark wooden interior and tropical garden was a throwback to post-WWI. Ask for the double room upstairs.

Villa Guest House, 230 Soi 1, Th Samsen. tel: 0 2281 7009

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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Nightly Flower Market, Bangkok

Street Shrines. Bangkok

One may wander about the large number of miniature shrines dotting the streets of Bangkok. These are 'spirit houses' where the guardians of homes and buildings reside. Thais build these structures to keep the spirits distracted and happy and offer daily offerings of water, fruit and flowers.

Medical Facilities, Bangkok

We were pleasantly surprised at the upscale surroundings and excellent service at the BNH Hospital. They even offer luxury accommodations and a "presidential suite".Valet parking anyone?

Urban Bangkok

We discovered a multi-layered city. Floating highways and hidden shrines, exalted royalty plastering the billboards and taxi boats roaring through the back street canals.

A taxi boat full speed ahead.

The Skywalk on Th Phra Ram I funneling shoppers from mall to mall.

Urban sculpture

The King and I.

One afternoon at the movies, we were taken aback when after the previews had finished the entire audience suddenly stood. The national anthem began to play alongside flashing images of the King in his youth. We stood too, paying our respects.

Next to the ferry pier food stalls hide from the monsoons.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Yellow China Town, Bangkok

Around this time of year Bangkok celebrates the Vegetarian Festival in which food vendors sell non-meat dishes and Chinatown wraps itself in yellow.

Yellow lanterns at a temple in Chinatown.

We lost ourselves in one of the area's many markets.

Muslims in Little India.

Altar offerings and decorations for sale.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

China Town, Bangkok

What They Wore... The Bird Vendor

Portraits at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Child street performers.


Beautiful beggar.

Detail of... Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bunnies for sale, dressed for a tea party.

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

We experienced a hustle bustle like no other market. Stalls sell everything from trendy bags to pet ferrets (sold with outfits). We spent most of our time following the many Thai teens and snacking.