Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Cafes, Tel Aviv

An apartment hunt is never complete without the many coffee breaks along the way. Lucky for us the city is absolutely crammed (and overflowing...) with cafes. An old favorite in our former neighborhood, Neve Tzedek, is Dallal which serves one of the best coffees around. The fresh cakes, pastries and breads are baked on the spot in the attached beautiful kitchen. Even though the menu has changed a bit in the last year to accompany a more popular taste (they now sell chocolate rogalach and simpler eclairs) the result is still excellent.

Mind you, do NOT confuse the bakery with their sister restaurant next door. The last time we ate there the food was disastrous and the decor, unacceptable.

Yummy pastries at Dallal.

Dallal. 7 Kol Yisrael Haverim, Tel Aviv tel: 03 510 9292

Cafe Yoel is another corner cafe where we stopped for a quick caffeine fix. It's a relatively new place that serves the usual coffee, sandwiches, breakfast and baked pastries. In addition, they have a cute selection of imported meditteranian deli products. Their coffee was ok and we didn't try the food, but the location on Albert Square across the Pagoda house is charming. It's a good option if you're in the area.

Cafe Yoel. 1 Meltchet, Tel Aviv tel: 03 620 4545

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