Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What They Ate... On Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv

While spending the day on Ben Yehuda street, we checked out places to eat/drink/sit down over coffee. We found a couple of new promising establishments and rediscovered some old favorites.

A Workers Breakfast at Cafe Mersand, a chic cafe with a long history. We often sit here over a coffee. They also have excellent sandwiches and apricot cake.

Cafe Mersand
Ben Yehuda and the corner of Frishman
tel: 03 523 4318

Wineberg (next to Iceberg-the ice cream shop- and of the same ownership) We sat here the other night, with our friends and ordered obscure beers and delicious tapas. We really recommend.

106 Ben Yehuda st.
tel: 03 522 3939
Ruchale is a cafe that sells its own boutique jams and preserves. We didn't have the chance to try it out, but we will.

120 Ben Yehuda st.
tel: 03 52 91793

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