Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lunch at the Container

After the 1 1/2 hour walk to Jaffa we were famished so we sat for an excellent lunch at The Container, a new bar by Chef Vins Muster at the Jaffa port. We loved the location, surrounded by fishing boats on the dock, and the airy atmosphere of the hangar. It's a great place for lunch and also great for an evening out, not to mention a welcome alternative to the yuppie Tel Aviv port. We sat on the bar and ordered three delicious dishes: root vegetable salad with Jerusalem artichoke and truffles, smoked forel with horseradish and grouper steak in butter and herbs. We loved them all and will be back for more...
The Menu is mostly fish and seafood base with some salad options.
The kitchen.
Some fellow diners.
Root vegetable salad with Jerusalem artichoke and truffles.
Smoked forel with horseradish.
Grouper steak in butter and herbs.

The Container
Jaffa Port
tel 03 6836321


  1. Very simply, you are having an enviable youth!
    And I love learning about it....


  3. Worst service ever, since Seinfeld's - "No soup for you!" I have never encountered such rude incompetent service, dear customer this time the joke is on you