Monday, May 17, 2010

Thai House

As we eat out in Tel Aviv on a regular basis, we have recently noticed the lack of selection in world cuisines. It is almost impossible to find an authentic East Asian restaurant that serves anything but sushi. Pakistan to China, Africa and South America are not represented at all in the local food scene.
That said, there is one exception: Ba'it Thailandi (Thai House) is not only a genuine Thai restaurant, but one of the better estzablishments in the city. The restaurant serves traditional Thai dishes made with real Thai ingredients, grown specially for the restaurant on a farm outside Tel Aviv. Their Tom Yam soup is an absolute must with the right amount of tangy flavor and their Som Tam (a spicy green papaya salad) tastes almost as if you are eating in a food stall in Bangkok. For main dishes just take any of their wonderful curries or stir-fries. For dessert, if you have room, the sticky rice with mango is to die for. This is by far one of our favorite places in Tel Aviv. We wish they would redecorate, though...
Tom Yam Soup
Som Tam
Red Curry with chicken and potatoes.

Ba'it Thailandi (Thai House)
8 Bograshov, on the corner of Ben Yehuda
Tel Aviv
tel 03 5178568

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