Monday, November 29, 2010

A Foreign Beauty

This article, about unibrow appreciation in Tajikistan sent us on a stroll through memory lane to the August before last (2009), where we were trudging through enchanting Uzbekistan. While strolling through a morning market the charming lady below offered to enhance Rena's beauty by applying the must-have unibrow. Rena politely declined as she was not sure how she would remove it (we were traveling sans makeup remover). Throughout Central Asia the unibrow is considered tres chic. We think it's beautiful too. Next time we're offered a local beauty tip, we'll take it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


And a quick recount of some of the New York food related goodies we enjoyed: breakfast at Sarabeth's, some quick shopping at Citarella and Fairway, morning coffee at Sweetleaf Long Island City, hot chocolate at the City Bakery, afternoon coffee at the Ace Hotel, Jacques Torres spicy hot cocoa at the Chelsea Market, a yummy organic vegan lunch at Angelica Kitchen and (maybe the culinary highlight of our trip) pumpkin muffins at Van Leeuwen in Greenpoint.

Snapshots of our NY

A trip to our hometown was just what the doctor ordered after this never ending Tel Aviv summer. It was a much needed glimpse into the beginnings of winter and gave us a chance to catch up with some of our old favorite spots. We spent a rainy morning at the Morgan Library and did a proper museum catch-up at the Moma, Cooper Hewitt, PS1, the NY Public Library, etc... At some point we got museumed-out, and the shopping began. We visited the newly renovated Lincoln Center and spent an afternoon of wanderings around Chelsea which would be incomplete without a dip into the Chelsea Market and a stroll on the Highline. In short, it was divine. We will return...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And we're back.

So... it's been a while. We took a little blogging hiatus and we apologize, but we had to, we needed the break. But, we have returned, fresh off the plane from New York and we promise to catch you up on what we've been up to.