Saturday, December 19, 2009

What They Ate... Cafe Batia, Tel Aviv

This excellent Jewish European restaurant has been around for the past 68 years, but we went there yesterday for the first time. When was the last time YOU ordered gefilte fish and borsht without grandma? The food there is what you know from Savta's kitchen, but much much better. They also have a Saturday chulent special (and takeout) for those who need their fix.

The menu on paper

Clear chicken noodle soup with cold borsht

Kidney beans and tomato soup

Cafe Batia, 197 Dizingof St. tel: 03 522 1335

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  1. The best food I've ever eaten and you dont have to be Ashkenazi or even Jewish to enjoy!! What a shame the shortsighted greedy developers closed the original place down build just what Tel Aviv doesnt need . Another boutique hotel.