Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cooking Class

We took an excellent cooking class on old Ottoman cuisine with Sharon from the Istanbul Food Workshop. It began with product shopping at the Spice Market: grape leaves, almonds, cheese, spices and borek dough. From there we contionued to her kitchen in the old Greek/Jewish quarter. It was lots of fun and extremely tasty! Here's a taste of the menu...

Limonlu Yalancı Yaprak Dolması - Rice stuffed vine leaves with lemon
Zeytınyağlı Havuç - Carrots in olive oil
Yufka Boreğı - Cheese and dill layered pastry
Kımyonlu Köfte - Kofte with cumin
Sütlü Bademlı ımık Helvası - Semolina helva with milk and almonds

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  1. next time you write about food send specimens. otherwise it's unethical!