Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eating in Konya

When in Konya there are two culinary specialties worth a try:
1. Fırın Kebap - pieces of very tender mutton in fluffy pita bread.
2. Etli Ekmek - the Turkish version of pizza, Konya style. It's basically a mixture of minced lamb, tomatoes, green peppers and onion, spread on a paper thin dough. The thinner the better!

Konya seems to have a great selection of good simple restaurants. One of them is the Konya Melveli Sofrasi Restaurant where we tried "Yayla Çorbası", hot yogurt soup with mint.
In Sille we found an excellent restaurant, the Sılle Konak, that serves delicious home cooked dishes, such as Güveç (not to be confused with our "beloved" Romanian version), an oven cooked meat and vegetable casserole.

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