Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Hiking Adventure or The Royals in Peril

In complete innocence we ventured on a 7 hour hike to the Chalati Glacier. All was well and the views were spectacular.

Three hours later, as we began to ascend the glacier through a forest, it began to rain. Rain turned to hail and we turned back. As we huddled cold and drenched in an abandoned hut with a suspiciously bloody floor, we were waved into shelter by the border police (wet and topless!).

They took care of us thoroughly, making us a lunch feast and pouring us endless amounts of Chacha (locally made vodka). As time passed the cabin filled with other lost souls including a group of local teens who had trekked to harvest vegetables found only at the top of the mountain. 10 to 12 shots later (we can't remember...) the rain stopped and we found ourselves hoisted onto an open truck zooming back to town. Another bumpy and memorable ride, Rena especially made many friends...

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