Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leaving Svaneti or The Royals in Peril II

It's very easy to leave Svaneti on a Tuesday. One just has to hop to the local "airport" (a field of wild flowers) and board an airplane to Kutaisi. It went like this:

We checked in and waited for the plane.

The check-in desk, complete with water resistant fruit patten tablecloth.

The plane arrived.

Mandatory cigarette break before take off. That's our pilot in the camouflage uniform.

And we took off... not before many silent prayers.


  1. omg you guys are nuts. please don't do that again. i like you both as you are, in one piece. xx, amanda

  2. we were protected by the many devout passengers who prayed the entire flight. so it felt a lot safer than it was...