Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Street Food, Bukhara

Uzbek food is limited in options, but not as bad as the guidebooks say. It mainly consists of white round bread, a variety of grilled meat, the notorious plov and our favorite: LACHMAN.
A slippery noodle soup served in large bowls with boiled vegetables, small pieces of mutton and topped with fresh herbs. The less touristy the venue, the less oily the soup.

One great place to try it is the Bolo Huaz Chaikhana in the garden just opposite the Bolo Hauz mosque in Bukhara.


  1. in the aboce picture, is the food going in or out?

  2. First in, then out below, in variations.

  3. bon appetit!!

    btw - what are you reading?

  4. "The Golden Road to Samarkand". Don't leave home without it. New York Times recommended.

  5. also handy when you need to clean your mouth from that oriental lokshen coming out of your mouth.