Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Short Summary of the Last Month

We are back!
One month ago we crossed the border from Kyrgyzstan to China. It was a very long and difficult haul which began in a sand storm and culminated with us hitch-hiking on a truck, all through the beautiful scenery of the Tian Shan Mountains.
Arriving in Kashgar, Xinjiang province, we were faced with NO Internet or international calls.
We travelled trough Kashgar and Turpan, finding bustling markets, colorful people, interesting mud/brick architecture and incredible street food.

A girl in the Sunday Bazaar, Kashgar.

The Livestock Market, Kashgar.

We moved on through the sand dunes of Dunhuang and into Tibetan China. From mosques to temples. As we walked around the streets of Xiahe and Tongeren we encountered only smiles.

A young monk refilling a yak milk jug.

From there the road took us to Central China where we joined the Han masses on holiday and toured the jam-packed sites of Xian. This was the final destination of our Silk Road journey.

Han on holiday at the Terra-cotta warriors site.

But we were not finished with China yet. What we really needed was an urban hedonistic fix, a one week Beijing binge.

Waiting hall at the bus station, Taiyuan.

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