Thursday, November 26, 2009

And we landed home at last

Kebabs, camels, wild flowers, mouths filled with gold teeth, stone carved churches, Tibetian monasteries, Tibetan jewelery, horse back riding, lachman and plov, hiking through the forest, Chacha, chicha, snow and desert, angry donkeys, floating villages, Silk factories, Chinese pollution, shoe shine scams, baguettes, beaching euro-trash, fly like a woman and JLTV, Georgian hospitality, pineapple shakes, powdered sand, shopping for a mini in Tbilisi, evil Kyrgyz embassy guards, many hard mattresses, Father Asbed, cold oily meat soup for breakfast, the Golden Apricot Film Festival, Tashkent duty free, boy-band haircuts, dingy hospitals, Uzbek ankles, 7-11, tropical rain forests, sinking into sand dunes, Cambodian rice fields, leg waxing on the beach, animal market, sulfur baths in the snow, Roman baths in the rain, fried eggplants, traditional messages, nomadic tribes, beggar children, the mosques of Istanbul.

After 6.5 months on the road which culminated in a major Bangkok shopping spree, we finally managed to drain our allocated trip funds. Broke, we returned home.

FEAR NOT! The blog will go on! we will continue to explore as exciting things DO happen everywhere.


The Royals

Connection at Tashkent Airport on a gloomy day.

Home-made breakfast.

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