Friday, November 6, 2009

Independent Businesses, Battambang, CAMBODIA

Our first day in Cambodia was very well spent. It started with us hopping on the back of two motorcycles and speeding around the villages of Battambang. David and Sogpon showed us the real Cambodia and took us to see the production of some local specialties: sticky rice, rice paper, rice noodles and fish paste. Many Cambodian families subsidize their income by hand-making these products using methods passed on by previous generations.

One Royal on a moto.

Abandoned Pepsi factory.

Cleaning the bamboo before adding sticky rice.

Chopping salted fish for the fish paste.

The infamous Bamboo Train: using the old French tracks for a new use, villagers ride this new invention (a motor + a bamboo platform) to town. When two cars meet the lighter "train" dismantles and reassembles on the other side.

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