Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Buildings, Tel Aviv

Let's be honest, Tel Aviv is not a city filled with architectural wonders, but every once in a while we find a design that is a bit more relevant. The new building of Asuta Hospital in Ramat Hachail by a local architect we've never heard of, Marcelo Brestovisky, stands out as modern chic. We haven't yet to venture inside but the complete structure looks intriguing. There's a boutique hotel across the street for those tourists seeking a cheaper nose job.

Asuta Hospital, 20 Habarzel St. Ramat-Ha'chail

Another find is this luxury high-rise under construction, Rothchild 1. It's the usual with "the spirit of urban luxury" (a direct quote from their website) and such, but surprisingly it fits in to it's surroundings (Neve Tzedek/Rothchild Blvd) and the base has a nice white hue. We like.

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