Monday, December 7, 2009

What They Ate... Rokah 73

Following good reviews, we went out Friday night to dinner with A&L at Rokah 73, a seafood restaurant on the tennis courts in front of the Yarkon park.

We had reservations for a table on the "patio" which turned out to be flooded with green light and cheap furniture. This never works well with food or faces. We felt like we were attending a very distant cousin's tacky wedding (the crowd in particular completed this picture).

We followed the recommendations of the aggressive waitress and ordered some of the restaurant's specialties. The "renown" crab bisque with brandy was reminiscent of a cream sauce served usually over steak. It was heavy, creamy, the portion too large and generally unrefined. The following dishes were also quite disappointing. Rena's bouillabaisse was a giant serving of mild and boring broth, but with a generous amount of good quality seafood, the mussels in particular were done well. Tom's sea bream drowned in yogurt, zaatar and pine-nuts had a floury texture and was overly sour. The meal was topped of with a bland tiramisu with the restaurant's name stenciled in cocoa powder. Were they joking?

All in all we think it's about the context. A lunch on a weekday might have been the way to go. But for a pricey Friday dinner this was unacceptable. We will not be coming back.

The menu.

Heavy crab bisque.

Where's the fish?

The giant bouillabaisse.

73 and tiramisu.

Rokah 73, 73 Sderot Rokah, Tel Aviv tel: 03 744 8844

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