Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hotel Montefiori, Tel Aviv

The restaurant at Hotel Montefiore prevails upon being a hip French brasserie with a touch of Vietnamese. This is a slight overstatement as we do not consider a garnish of corriander or steamed bok choy to suffice as Vietnamese influence. But, we completely forgive for the food and atmosphere are top noch.

We entered and were asked to wait a few minutes during which we were served a glass of cava. We don't like waiting but we like cava.
For starters we ordered the beef carpaccio with hazelnut oil which was simple and very well executed and a fun and fresh amberjack seviche with hot green pepper, avocado and coriander.
The main coarse was a delicious and light grilled sea bream with lemongrass cream and a tender braised goose in a caramelized sauce with kumquat. We loved the goose and licked our lips till the very end.
For dessert we had saint honore, cream puffs filled with creme pattissier and accompanied with whipped cream, a perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Hotel Montefiore is a favorite. They also offer business lunch and drinks from 5-7.
Reservations are a must.

Amberjack Seviche
Beef Carpaccio with Hazelnut oil
Sea Bream with Lemongrass
Saint Honore
36 Montefiore St.
tel  03 564 6100

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