Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Child Dreams, We went to the opera

We loved loved loved "The Child Dreams", an opera adaptation for a Hanoch Levin play by Gil Shohat. It's an expression of despair, escape and hope woven through a story of mother and son during WWII. The post-modern musical score, although newly written, was a bit dated for our taste. But, the performance of the orchestra and opera singers left us satisfied.
The visuals, by the Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein, were a whole other story. They varied through the opera from the traditional to the hyper contemporary with elements of sci-fi.
Above all were the sophisticated dialogues which kept us glued to our seats with our eyes wide open (a rare occurrence for us as we often tend to dose off during less intriguing performances).
You can't go wrong with Hanoch Levin.

Photos taken from Gottfried Helnwein's website

"The Child Dreams" is an Israeli Opera production, performing at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.

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