Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yoezer Bar Ya'in (Yoezer Wine Bar), Tel Aviv

This weekend we did dinner at an old Tel Aviv establishment, Yoezer Bar Ya'in, an Alsatian (French-German) restaurant that serves mostly meat. The food tasted very good. The meat was of high quality and everything was hand-made (sausages and cured meat). We ordered a dinner for two consisting of a starter of cold cuts and a main dish of choucroute garni (sauerkraut with sausages, potatoes, and other salted meats). Both dishes were enormous and hard to conquer as they were cholesterol-charged. Luckily we ordered beer, which helped. We managed to finish half of our main course and took the rest to go. For dessert we had a small plate of marzipan, which was delicate and not too sweet.

We enjoyed the food. We really did, but we have some complaints (quelle surprise). First and foremost, they must update and balance the menu- the portions were waaaay too large and heavy and the plating unappealing- piled high sausages do not look good (this is not the middle ages). Secondly, they must renovate. Old establishments must raise the bar with time.

Yoezer Bar Ya'in
2 Yoezer Aish Habira St., Clock Tower, Jaffa
tel 03 6839115

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