Friday, April 16, 2010

A Family Vacation at Villa Melchett

Come March, we went to the Kinneret, on what has become an annual family vacation at Villa Melchett. Once belonged to Lord Melchett's family, the turn of the century villa and the surrounding grounds are situated right on the beach. Anyone can rent the place. L did and got us spending 3 wonderful days of lounging around and relaxation. We were a bit displeased with the management, but the luxurious rooms, professional kitchen, fish pond, 2000 square meters of grass, hammocks, oriental tent and the open view to the Sea of Galilee kept us very content.
The Moroccan lounge in our bedroom.
The villa from the front garden
Going on a walk
A content family member.


  1. The kid looks adorable :) The villa look sleek. How's the rate anyway? I am planning a 3 night bridal shower for my best friend. Thanks! You have just given me an idea!

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