Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jewlery Dept. Graduate Exhibition @ Shenkar

When we go to design school exhibitions it's often the most fun to poke into the jewelry department first. We don't wear a lot of jewelry on a day to day basis, but jewelry projects are small and ready to wear. Hypothetically, you could take the jewelry out of the display and slip it on immediately. But mostly, we just ogle the display and make a mental note to rummage through the boxes of jewelry in our closet. The Jewelry Design projects at the Shenkar Graduate Exhibition did not disappoint. The projects varied in materials from wood and feathers to felt and gold and the projects were shown beautifully in display cases made from stacked styrofoam bases covered by glass tops. We were impressed by the marketability of many of the pieces. We could easily see them being sold at boutiques around town. There are still 9 days to go until the exhibition closes.... it's open to the public and we recommend.

A dress clasp by Shanny Alon. Carved wood fitted with internal gold clasps.
Necklace by Moran Moshinski.
A very furry necklace from The Furry Tales collection by Yarin Bylica. More photos of the collection here.
This ring by Dikla Rozen reminded us of this Dr. Seuss character. More photos of her collection here.
We loved this headband by Tal Barouch. It differs nicely from on the many headbands we've seen the past couple of seasons.

Felt Follows Form by Hanan Kedmi was one of the more playful and conceptual collections. The use of brightly colored felt embedded with computer parts was super cute. More pics here and here.

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