Monday, March 1, 2010

The King's Night - A Different Tel Aviv Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is one of my least favorite things. I usually know only half of the crowd and the conversation topics are rarely anything but real-estate and womens' breasts. So when I had to part with the Queen for a night of heavy drinking with fellow men, I was partly discontented.
We are not an ordinary group, so the bar of choice had to be something with a twist. Mommy's Place is a karaoke bar which caters to foreign workers from South-East Asia, China and Africa, and is located on a dingy street not far from the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. My worries disappeared the moment I set foot at the door. This was another world.
It had everything you would expect from a South-Asian karaoke bar: the pink lights, the cheap shots of whiskey, lots of smiles and some very talented Thai divas, performing only the latest pop songs. The food was also a surprise. An excellent genuine Thai menu at very reasonable prices (rare in Tel Aviv).
The night continued to Joy's Bar, a very sleazy dance bar on Allenby street, which as I recall (by then I was seriously drunk) had two chubby blonds dancing on the bar? And then to Hummus Ashkara, an old Tel Aviv establishment, to seal the alcohol with a 3 am bowl of heavy hummus and pita.
It was a crazy night, just as bachelor parties are supposed to be, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Watching my macho friends sing The Total Eclipse of The Heart, or dance with potential drag queens to Madonna and Ricky Martin, I understood what it was all about -simply being free with your closest friends, something we should all practice more.

Congratulations E and M!

Mommy's Place,
10 Bnei Brak St.

Hummus Ashkara,
45 Yirmiyahu St.
tel 057 938 1339   

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  1. Thanks for the read! This is helping me plan my brothers stag party!